Bestseller! Universal MIDI controller with fully adjustable functionality.

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  • Weight:
    2.00 кг
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    420 x 180 x 60 мм
  • Number of footswitches:
  • Built-in expression pedal:

Ever thought of a simple, yet effective device that would put you in control of both your rack gear and your amps? Hassle-free, compact, reliable, and easy to set-up – great for use on stage, for rehearsals and during studio sessions? And, preferably, something that won’t cost a fortune? They say - it doesn’t exist, we say they are wrong.

TB-12 by BJ Devices is a multi-purpose controller with midi and relay switching capabilities, allowing you to control a variety of devices (from guitar heads to midi-enabled fx processors, preamps, pedals, and even software). Compact, sturdy and road-ready, it fits nicely in a standard rack case or bag, together with other midi gear. Phantom-powered via midi: the fewer cables under your feet, the better. Twelve assignable footswitches can be used to send bank, program or control change messages, which puts you in complete control of even high-end devices, like Axe-Fx (II) and Kemper Profiler Amplifier. All preset information (including preset names) and tuner data is displayed on a large backlit screen and bi-color LEDs will show you what patch is on and what effects are enabled. Add two expression pedals and two relay jacks to control other external gear, like channels of your favorite head or combo and you know what your ideal controller looks like. TB-12! Concentrate on your performance! Forget tap dancing!

  • 12 fully customizable footswitches
  • 12 bi-color LEDs showing active patches (presets) and IAs
  • Phantom powered (via MIDI)
  • Large alphanumerical backlit LCD screen (2 lines, up to 16 characters each)
  • 30 internal banks in non-volatile memory
  • Each of the 30 banks can be individually named (bank name up to 12 characters)
  • 4 programmable relay jacks
  • Jacks for 2 expression pedals
  • Preset names are displayed dynamically as they load and IA status LEDs show the active effect(s) of the currently loaded preset
  • Tap tempo support (tap tempo CC message is sent upon repeated press of the corresponding preset button)
  • Bank change support via bank change messages. This allows to control such devices as AXE-FX and VF1, where presets are organized into several banks
  • Two program change (PC) messages can be sent via different midi channels upon a single press of a footswitch
  • USB support. Controller firmware is user-upgradable. You can also control guitar-related software on your PC via USB
  • Tuner support on the controller screen.
  • Current bank number and MIDI channel is saved upon power off
  • Rugged and road-ready steel chassis
  • Lenght - 420mm, Width - 180mm, Height - 55mm
  • Weight - 2 kg
  • Power unit is included
  • Shipment all over the world