Small size, light weight and onboard expression pedal!

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  • Weight:
    1.90 кг
  • Dimensions (L х W х H):
    305 x 180 x 68 мм
  • Number of footswitches:
  • Built-in expression pedal:

TB-6P is the first MIDI controller by BJ Devices with built-in expression pedal. TB-6P is one of Travel Box Series controllers and it takes the best advantages of this series - the small size and wide functionality. TB-6P has new top and back print view and improved hardware.

What's new:

  • Power from the USB.
  • Standard input polarity expression pedals (tip-to-viper instead of the previously used ring-to-viper). You can now use almost any expression pedal without cable modification.
  • Automatic reset when upgrading the firmware. There is no need to turn off and turn on the power while updating the firmware.

And of course the most essential and long-awaited thing is an expression pedal! We've invented a new concept of the pedal operation based on the magnetic field sensor, which eliminates the problems associated with the mechanical wear, like in the case of using the potentiometer as well as the problems of contamination and the temperature dependence of characteristics, such as by using optical sensors.

6th button is placed under the pedal toe. This button can be configured the same way with other buttons (Program change, Control change, etc.).

Two led lines with 8 tri-color LEDs in each are mounted on the pedal! Pedal color is depended on the settings button under the pedal (active preset or effect), as well as the tuner is displayed on the pedal if needed! Bright and distinct tuner on the pedal will help to simplify guitar tuning on a gig or in the studio. And bright lights won't let you miss the pedal in the dark.

  • Build in expression pedal with multifunction LEDs lines
  • 6 fully customizable footswitches
  • 10 bi-color LEDs showing active patches (presets) and IAs
  • Phantom powered (via MIDI)
  • Large alphanumeric backlit LCD screen (2 lines, up to 16 characters each)
  • 30 internal banks in non-volatile memory
  • Each of the 30 banks can be individually named (bank name up to 12 characters)
  • 4 programmable relay jacks
  • Jacks for 2 expression pedals
  • Preset names are displayed dynamically as they load and IA status LEDs show the active effect(s) of the currently loaded preset
  • Tuner support on the controller screen
  • Tap tempo support (tap-tempo CC message is sent upon repeated press of the corresponding preset button). And tap-tempo beat can also be displayed on the LED or screen, if target processor sends tap-tempo midi messages
  • Bank change support via bank change messages. This allows to control such devices as AXE-FX and VF1, where presets are organized into several banks
  • Two program change (PC) messages can be sent via different midi channels upon a single press of a footswitch
  • USB support. Controller firmware is user-upgradable. You can also control guitar-related software on your PC via USB
  • USB power support
  • Current bank number and MIDI channel is saved upon power off
  • Rugged and road-ready steel chassis
  • Lenght - 305 mm, Width - 180 mm, Height - 68 mm
  • Weight - 1.9 kg
  • Power unit is included
  • Shipment all over the world