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TB Series controllers

TB series includes TB12, TB-11P, TB-8, TB-6P and TB-5 models of MIDI controllers. All models are based on the same hardware, the only difference is number of foot buttons and expression pedal on board.

TB Series Hardware Features

  • 12, 11, 8, 6 or 5 rugged footswitches (depending on the model)
  • Each button has corresponding 2 color LED to indicate buttons state
  • Onboard expression pedal with multi functional 3-color LED indication (TB-11P only)
  • Footswitch under the toi on expression pedal (TB11-P and TB-6P only)
  • 2 analog inputs for external expression pedal connection
  • 4 relays output to control devices via “footswitch” connector
  • 16×2 alphanumeric LCD with backlight
  • USB port for firmware update
  • USB powered (implemented in new version of devices, see the difference between new and old versions of TB series devices)


TB series midi controllers is open-hardware project - every user has an ability to create it's own firmware for the device. BJ Devices provides open source library to allow customers implement it easily. Default BJ Devices firmware is installed on all newly manufactured controllers.

Default Firmware

Known Third-party Firmwares

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