New firmware release is available for download!

New firmware release (2.3 Public Beta) is available for download on Download page. See release note below.

New release includes following improvments:

  1. AxeFx II XL is supported.
    XL+ will be implemented soon.
  2. New type of button added - CC_mt - momentary switch.
    When pushing button Control Change message is sent with a value of 127 (95), when you release button Control Change message with value 0.
  3. SHIFT mode expanded.
    From now shift mode button can be assigned to CC_tg, CC_ct or CC_mt. The buttons are configured independently i.e. button can be of the same type but different numbers in the performance mode and SHIFT mode. Settings in a separate menu for each button. Now you are able, for example, to configure switching presets in performance mode and management looper and scenes in the SHIFT mode
  4. Fixed issue in expression pedals calibration fixed ,
    also now you have an ability to see the current position in the calibration menu. The minimum position is 0, the maximum - 127. These numbers correspond to MIDI data that will be sent to the processor. You can quickly figure out if the pedal is calibrated or not, if in the extreme positions of the pedals differ from 0 and 127, the calibration is required.
  5. Behaviour of TAP now also can be configured similar with the buttons - CC_tg, CC_ct or CC_mt.
  6. Menu with a choice of target processor added.
    Also auto-detection processor is implemented. This reduces the number of SysEx queries which controller sends to determine if processor is currently connected.
  7. Menu with USB baud rate settings added.
    Using for compatibility with various software COM-MIDI converters.

Known issues:

  1. In the KPA reverb and the delay IA state is not recognized by the controller when changing the slot (performance, rig).
  2. It is impossible to display the name of the current slot of KPA.
  3. If you are upgrading to this version the buttons setting which was CC_ct reset to defaults, you need to reconfigure once again after update.

Users manuals are updated as well.

Download new firmware