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GM Arts Firmware for BJ Devices MFCs

version 4.02 for all TB models:
download here


The main changes for this firmware are:

  • Any footswitch can do anything
  • All TB models are supported

It includes many powerful and flexible features like dual footswitch functions, send any MIDI message(s) from any footswitch, override standard settings with customised settings on a per-patch basis, and lots more.

Like earlier versions, there's a basic mode which should suit most users, and an advanced mode for those who want to get into the detail.

Use the link above to download the user guide, tutorials, PC settings editor, firmware and sample settings files.

If you're interested in the code required to design your own firmware, I have several examples of earlier versions of this software here.


This firmware has two modes of operation:

  • Basic operation: for a simple MFC, but still with many optional features
  • Advanced options: for sophisticated MFC functions, highly configurable

It is recommended to start with basic operation then add advanced features if necessary. Here's a summary of the main features:

Basic operation has:

  • Multiple footswitch pages (TB-12 and TB-11P have 3 pages, other models have 4 pages)
  • 16 banks labelled “A” to “P”, each of 10 patches (total 160 patches)
  • 10 footswitch effects including Tap, plus up to 4 additional automated effects
  • Tap can switch on additional effects after a defined number of presses
  • 4 different effect footswitch types, including toggle and momentary
  • Effect footswitches can send 2 messages, which can be CC messages and/or setting relay states
  • CC messages can have any off or on value, allowing reverse operation, or switching between different levels
  • Effects can belong to groups, to ensure only one effect is on in the group
  • Relay toggle footswitches support all 4 built-in relays
  • Supports on-board and external pedals, with optional effect switching at heel-down position
  • Effects can switch a pedal between different settings (eg to switch a pedal between volume and wah)
  • Built-in pedal calibration and emergency disable for pedal faults
  • Edit program numbers and their initial effect states on the MFC
  • Can backtrack patches, optionally with their effect states and bank changes
  • Supports Axe-FX II functions: tuner, patch names, effect states, tap tempo with tempo backtracking

Advanced options add these features:

  • Additional footswitch types to select any specific patch, set any relay combination, and to send any MIDI message(s) for almost unlimited effects or any other purpose
  • Footswitches can have a 2nd function. For example: toggle between 2 patches, or select a bank with a short press or go to a different page with a long press
  • Send additional messages and set relay states with program changes
  • Set the order of events for program changes
  • 1000 bytes available for custom Overrides and Library book messages
  • Up to 250 library books, each of which can contain one or more MIDI messages such as system exclusives, CC messages, and can also include special commands to control the MFC. Library book messages can be sent with patch selections, from effect changes and with the “Send MIDI” footswitch.
  • Up to 250 overrides, depending on complexity. For example, an override could be: “in patches A3, B4 and H2, effect footswitch 3 will control a booster instead of an overdrive”.
  • Library books and Overrides can be used in combination to send messages on different MIDI channels, send different messages to multiple devices, etc.
  • … and more …


Footswitches in Basic mode:

  • Patch number 0 to 9
  • Patch up/down
  • Patch backtrack
  • Effect 1 to 9, Tap
  • Relay 1 to 4
  • Bank up/down/now
  • Bank +1 toggle
  • Bank A to P
  • Go to page 1 to 4, previous page

Basic mode should be enough for most, but if you want more …

Extra footswitches in Advanced mode:

  • Select a specific patch A0 to P9
  • Set relay states
  • Send MIDI (one or more messages of any type on any channel)
  • Up/Down effect footswitches to step through a range of CC values or library books
  • 2nd functions to “also go to a page”, “optionally hold for a page as well”, “or hold for bank or page instead”
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